These are a few of our favourite things…

Our pop-up this coming Sunday is a riff on our fave tune − manna from the garden, luxe kitchen treats and beautiful goods that are, lets face it, little short of life enriching. Big call? Not really.

All of our wares are meticulously handcrafted from quality materials and made with genuine enjoyment; our intent being to enhance the personal environment with discretionary items that are scrumptious and uplifting and much too precious to be destined for land-fill (…not to mention that we’re seriously philosophically opposed to imported mass produced tat made on the exploited backs of poor faceless and unfortunate others.)

We love Autumn in a big way, climate change notwithstanding; particularly the pervading sense of harvest, and the light, and the presage of winter. It’s a time to set store and prepare for those chilly months ahead.

At this coming Sunday’s pop-up we’ll be featuring all of the following and more…

From the garden; Mick’s garlic and bunches of spinach, belladonna bulbs and blue iris rhizomes, salvia roots and potted lavender, rhubarb and bay leaves and Wyndham(!) macadamia nuts…

From the kitchen; jams and condiments and cordials, melting moments and monte carlos, luscious brownies and rocky road royale…

From the workshops; crownie bling and studio glass, exquisite hand embroidery and darling ceramics, nostalgic mosaics and heartwarming knits…




We’ll be open this Sunday, May 6th, @ the Crossing, Candelo, from 9am to 2pm.




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