Winter’s upon us…

Time to gather in the stores and cuddle up for the duration. For our June pop-up we’ve ramped up in the kitchen, putting together some very naughty pantry fillers to add fireside cheer to those bleak nights ahead (…you would have made these goodies yourselves, for sure – but hey, why not let us do it for you…)

Indulgent treats include: Jen’s rich spiced rum boiled fruitcake and her beyond killer brownies, melting moments (be still our beating hearts!), monte carlos and utterly delectable nougat; Megxx has supplemented the Rocky Road Royale with a bushranger variety (yes, Neddie – who else!), and added scrumptious crostoli (because every moment should be a celebration) and rempeyek kacung (just for when that savoury urge kicks in – because, yes, it really is okay to enjoy a beer in winter!!)



From the garden we have lavender lane and garlic…and other produce that we’ve not actually checked as yet today (because it’s been too windy and chilly to go outside!!) We have jams and cordials and pickled all-sorts – and Wyndham macadamia nuts!

Jen, concerned for your winter well being, has knitted more beanies and her gorgeous mosaics will lend instant classical charm to your dun winter gardenscapes. Megxx has added top flight colourful pop with her wild bird/Yardbird series. And Ginger’s brought her signature eye-candy – and with Queen’s Birthday coming up she’ll be showcasing some of her top-shelf pieces. [SPENNY ALERT!! although, in the event you can’t resist, we do have PayPal!!)

Sangmi’s elegant embroidery and Ernesto’s darling ceramic llamas enrich the general charm of our regular handcrafted/limited edition/small batch items.

This Sunday 9am – 2pm @ the Crossing, Candelo.

Never mind the weather – we’re indoors.

Look for/follow the birdie




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