At the mid-point of the year…

With the solstice behind us, we’ve turned the (psychological!) seasonal corner and set our course for summer…

ss arcadia


But, that distant allure of balmy weather notwithstanding, we’re still in the throes of the winter chill and the goodies for this weekend’s pop-up reflect that frosty reality.

From the garden we’ll have lemons (for your lemon and honey cold remedies!), rhubarb and potted lavender (hedge your bets against those infernal ticks!)

From the kitchen we’re turning up the heat with robust chutneys and relishes and replenishing the stores of naughty treaties (for those cosy Netflix binges!); Sweet Ned and Rocky Road Royale, Monte Carlos, Rich Fruit Cake, Crostoli and Orange and Walnut cake…yum yum yum.

From the studios, we’re showing Megxx new work, Surf and Turf, alongside the Yardbirds, Oysters and Venetians, Ginger’s fabulous jewellery, Sangmi’s lovely embroidery and Ernesto’s darling critters. Jen’s beating the drum for heartwarming heritage crafts and it would be fair to say that Contemporary Craft and Country Chic abounds!!

A glimpse of this week around the yard at our place…


Hope to see you tomorrow at our monthly pop-up @ the Crossing, Candelo. 9am – 1pm.

The Bureau of Meteorology promises sunshine!!


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