The rounds of the garden: this week at our place(s)…

Goodness gracious, how quickly the little pop-up emporium comes around again! And out in the yard those chilly nights now dawn into milder days that tease us with the promise of spring; the heavenly scent of ‘kiss-me-by-the-garden-gate’ (Lonicera fragrantissima) wafting in the air, and pops of daffodil here and there (which we have to rush to pick before our resident thugs, the cockatoos, swoop in to behead them!) But never fear, there’s still a month of lovely winter cuddles to savour and plenty of time for cosy fireside treats.

This Sunday at Candelo we’ll have our signature seasonal fare: jams and condiments (now including Sangmi’s kimchi) and a lovely variety of baked goodies to tempt all tastes; rich moist spiced rum fruit cake, almond crescents, totally munchie hemp cookies, crostoli rosettes and so much more.

Jen’s still been knitting, Megxx has still been casting and Ginger’s still been hard at work at her jewellers bench. Our house guests (Sangmi and Ernesto) remain in residence and all is well in the world…



See you on Sunday!




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