Suspended animation…

Just wanted to let you all know that our sweet little market emporium will be taking a by on the November market day. We have other commitments on the go at present which have snatched priority; the following weekend (Sunday 11th Nov) is Prisoners of the Crown’s Annual Open Studio Day and so Megxx and Ginger are busy making new work for that and Jen’s gone into full summer-wedding mode, spending dawn ’til dusk in her glorious garden to ensure peak condition for the happy nuptials (it’s going to be spectacular!)

Meanwhile, here are a few snaps for those who missed the October gig (which means, oh no, you missed those scrumptious Jenny Attwill lamingtons; best ever, hands down!)



We hope that, like us, you’re enjoying your homescapes after all that wonderful rain. What a difference, eh…


after the rain.jpg


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