Pop-up interruptus…

Our idyllic pastoral serenity has been hijacked (temporarily, we trust) by the parallel universe of code red medical biz, pesky employment, looming submission deadlines and a veritable cacophony of sundry responsibilities.

So we shan’t, sadly, be popping up at Candelo this Sunday after all. Our one great comfort, however, is the random nature of the pop-up beastie; as a concept, it’s totally predicated on elemental variance. When it’s on it’s on, when not it’s…just not.

We’ll jump back into the saddle when the cosmos realigns.

Meanwhile we hope you’ve been enjoying the last days of Summer before the transition into Autumn (our fave season) and we’re dropping in some glimpses from the last week – taken when we’ve snatched the odd moment to stop and smell the roses…



Our current obsession is blackberry pie.


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