The Guest List…

While reiterating that the Arcadian Artisan is fundamentally an in-house venture – Jenny and Megxx & Ginger/Prisoners of the Crown – we do like to enrich the experience by including irresistible work by empatico others – work that is so adorable that you just want to hug it.

Most of you will know Ernesto San Juan for his pastries, and the fabulous cake stall he shares with his darling wife Olga; both as sweet and warm-hearted as their delectable fare. But perhaps you won’t know that as a young man he went to Art School in Argentina, that he is inherently creative and that, above all, he loves to sculpt…



His ceramic critters are wonderfully folkloric in nature; so characterful and charming, so endearingly sweet, that on the richter scale of seismic appeal they are totally want-want.

Available exclusively from The Arcadian Artisan; next pop-up Sunday May 6th.

(Entrée to the Guest List now closed.)