Suspended animation…

Just wanted to let you all know that our sweet little market emporium will be taking a by on the November market day. We have other commitments on the go at present which have snatched priority; the following weekend (Sunday 11th Nov) is Prisoners of the Crown’s Annual Open Studio Day and so Megxx and Ginger are busy making new work for that and Jen’s gone into full summer-wedding mode, spending dawn ’til dusk in her glorious garden to ensure peak condition for the happy nuptials (it’s going to be spectacular!)

Meanwhile, here are a few snaps for those who missed the October gig (which means, oh no, you missed those scrumptious Jenny Attwill lamingtons; best ever, hands down!)



We hope that, like us, you’re enjoying your homescapes after all that wonderful rain. What a difference, eh…


after the rain.jpg


It’s Jack-in-a-box time @ the Crossing, Candelo…

our little market emporium


The October Candelo Market has snuck up on us again(!) and so it’s time for our little pop-up market emporium – just a hop, skip and a jump across the bridge from the park. Lordy knows what the weather will be like, but we’re indoors so it hardly matters.

We’ll have our regular yummy treaties, our limited edition handcrafted objects (glass, ceramic and textile), contemporary jewellery and trad country wares; timeless, classic, with a touch of the iconic. Garden sourced comestibles. Everything locally made. What could be nicer!



On the social side of things (always of utmost importance in a country context), Jen’s just back from tripping the light fantastic through Old Blighty and so we anticipate entertaining tales of convivial derring-do.

The lack of rain hasn’t been kind to the gardens, but we’ll pull together whatever seasonal produce we can. Meanwhile here’s a wander around our backyards over the last couple of days, some elements of which will make an appearance on Sunday…





See you there, from 9am – 1pm.

Dawn has broke and Spring has sprung…

Spring at last! And so we’re dropping in the early morning install snaps of last Sunday’s pop-up for those who missed it (….most specifically Jen, who’s having a marvellous time in London with Snow as we speak!!)…


What a lovely, chatty day it was. See you all next month: 7th October. Same time, same place (…and Jen will be back, with wondrous tales of her travels.)


2 sleeps ’til Spring!!



It’s the week leading into our September pop-up and it’s been all hands on deck to gather together all the treats. Spring’s been tip-toeing towards us; glorious blue days….unbelievably cold nights! – but still, it’s almost time to break out the blossom floaters (arcadian-artisan-speak for cocktails.) Hurrah!

For our pop-up this coming Sunday we’ll have all your fave bibs’n’bobs plus a lovely addition to the temptation mix, ‘La vie en rose ‘ coconut ice. Yum. And as per usual we feature glass by Megxx, joolz by Ginger and all-things-country-chic by Jen. Ernesto’s folkloric ceramics and Sangmi’s exquisite embroidery round out the gorgeousness.

And we have lots of off-piste prezzies for the Big Daddy in your life.

Here’s a wee peek at our gardens this week. We’re so close to spring we can smell it….



Winter might be drawing to a close but it’s definitely still beanie weather, that’s for sure (and, yes, we still have some in stock!!) See you on Sunday @ the Crossing, Candelo. 9am – 1pm.



The rounds of the garden: this week at our place(s)…

Goodness gracious, how quickly the little pop-up emporium comes around again! And out in the yard those chilly nights now dawn into milder days that tease us with the promise of spring; the heavenly scent of ‘kiss-me-by-the-garden-gate’ (Lonicera fragrantissima) wafting in the air, and pops of daffodil here and there (which we have to rush to pick before our resident thugs, the cockatoos, swoop in to behead them!) But never fear, there’s still a month of lovely winter cuddles to savour and plenty of time for cosy fireside treats.

This Sunday at Candelo we’ll have our signature seasonal fare: jams and condiments (now including Sangmi’s kimchi) and a lovely variety of baked goodies to tempt all tastes; rich moist spiced rum fruit cake, almond crescents, totally munchie hemp cookies, crostoli rosettes and so much more.

Jen’s still been knitting, Megxx has still been casting and Ginger’s still been hard at work at her jewellers bench. Our house guests (Sangmi and Ernesto) remain in residence and all is well in the world…



See you on Sunday!



Reboot towards summer…

For the historically quietest (and climatically most unreliable) Candelo Market period of the year, last Sunday proved to be a gloriously sunny, blue-skied, windless gift of a day.

Jen’s garden provided faux spring cheer with that glorious ornamental apricot blossom and our little market emporium had pops of colour all over the shop to gladden the coolest of hearts…



How lovely it was to see our regulars!

We’ll be popping back up again on Sunday August 5th.

At the mid-point of the year…

With the solstice behind us, we’ve turned the (psychological!) seasonal corner and set our course for summer…

ss arcadia


But, that distant allure of balmy weather notwithstanding, we’re still in the throes of the winter chill and the goodies for this weekend’s pop-up reflect that frosty reality.

From the garden we’ll have lemons (for your lemon and honey cold remedies!), rhubarb and potted lavender (hedge your bets against those infernal ticks!)

From the kitchen we’re turning up the heat with robust chutneys and relishes and replenishing the stores of naughty treaties (for those cosy Netflix binges!); Sweet Ned and Rocky Road Royale, Monte Carlos, Rich Fruit Cake, Crostoli and Orange and Walnut cake…yum yum yum.

From the studios, we’re showing Megxx new work, Surf and Turf, alongside the Yardbirds, Oysters and Venetians, Ginger’s fabulous jewellery, Sangmi’s lovely embroidery and Ernesto’s darling critters. Jen’s beating the drum for heartwarming heritage crafts and it would be fair to say that Contemporary Craft and Country Chic abounds!!

A glimpse of this week around the yard at our place…


Hope to see you tomorrow at our monthly pop-up @ the Crossing, Candelo. 9am – 1pm.

The Bureau of Meteorology promises sunshine!!

Pleasantly fair…

Against all indications to the contrary (given the preceding week of wind, rain and increasing chill), the day of our June pop-up astonished us all – mild and sunny and nary a hint of a breeze!

Excellent – not that it really matters because we are indoors and we do have heating, but oh! how lovely it was to be slipped such a moderate day.

Last month we became caught up in the whirl and completely forgot to take snaps; such a shame because the installation shifts for each pop-up, as do the goodies on offer. So we jumped in early this time, to capture the set-up at least…



It was (again!) a fab social day – thanks to all for your interest, enthusiasm and superior taste in comestibles!

We’re now back in the garden, kitchen, studio, workshop, with a keen eye on July.

Winter’s upon us…

Time to gather in the stores and cuddle up for the duration. For our June pop-up we’ve ramped up in the kitchen, putting together some very naughty pantry fillers to add fireside cheer to those bleak nights ahead (…you would have made these goodies yourselves, for sure – but hey, why not let us do it for you…)

Indulgent treats include: Jen’s rich spiced rum boiled fruitcake and her beyond killer brownies, melting moments (be still our beating hearts!), monte carlos and utterly delectable nougat; Megxx has supplemented the Rocky Road Royale with a bushranger variety (yes, Neddie – who else!), and added scrumptious crostoli (because every moment should be a celebration) and rempeyek kacung (just for when that savoury urge kicks in – because, yes, it really is okay to enjoy a beer in winter!!)



From the garden we have lavender lane and garlic…and other produce that we’ve not actually checked as yet today (because it’s been too windy and chilly to go outside!!) We have jams and cordials and pickled all-sorts – and Wyndham macadamia nuts!

Jen, concerned for your winter well being, has knitted more beanies and her gorgeous mosaics will lend instant classical charm to your dun winter gardenscapes. Megxx has added top flight colourful pop with her wild bird/Yardbird series. And Ginger’s brought her signature eye-candy – and with Queen’s Birthday coming up she’ll be showcasing some of her top-shelf pieces. [SPENNY ALERT!! although, in the event you can’t resist, we do have PayPal!!)

Sangmi’s elegant embroidery and Ernesto’s darling ceramic llamas enrich the general charm of our regular handcrafted/limited edition/small batch items.

This Sunday 9am – 2pm @ the Crossing, Candelo.

Never mind the weather – we’re indoors.

Look for/follow the birdie