At the mid-point of the year…

With the solstice behind us, we’ve turned the (psychological!) seasonal corner and set our course for summer…

ss arcadia


But, that distant allure of balmy weather notwithstanding, we’re still in the throes of the winter chill and the goodies for this weekend’s pop-up reflect that frosty reality.

From the garden we’ll have lemons (for your lemon and honey cold remedies!), rhubarb and potted lavender (hedge your bets against those infernal ticks!)

From the kitchen we’re turning up the heat with robust chutneys and relishes and replenishing the stores of naughty treaties (for those cosy Netflix binges!); Sweet Ned and Rocky Road Royale, Monte Carlos, Rich Fruit Cake, Crostoli and Orange and Walnut cake…yum yum yum.

From the studios, we’re showing Megxx new work, Surf and Turf, alongside the Yardbirds, Oysters and Venetians, Ginger’s fabulous jewellery, Sangmi’s lovely embroidery and Ernesto’s darling critters. Jen’s beating the drum for heartwarming heritage crafts and it would be fair to say that Contemporary Craft and Country Chic abounds!!

A glimpse of this week around the yard at our place…


Hope to see you tomorrow at our monthly pop-up @ the Crossing, Candelo. 9am – 1pm.

The Bureau of Meteorology promises sunshine!!


Pleasantly fair…

Against all indications to the contrary (given the preceding week of wind, rain and increasing chill), the day of our June pop-up astonished us all – mild and sunny and nary a hint of a breeze!

Excellent – not that it really matters because we are indoors and we do have heating, but oh! how lovely it was to be slipped such a moderate day.

Last month we became caught up in the whirl and completely forgot to take snaps; such a shame because the installation shifts for each pop-up, as do the goodies on offer. So we jumped in early this time, to capture the set-up at least…



It was (again!) a fab social day – thanks to all for your interest, enthusiasm and superior taste in comestibles!

We’re now back in the garden, kitchen, studio, workshop, with a keen eye on July.

Hey ho away we go…

Easter Sunday saw the launch of our little pop-up shop at the Crossing in Candelo – and what a lovely day we had! Friends old and new have been so curious to see what on earth we’re up to – and our first reveal is a fair signpost of things to come.

The Arcadian Artisan is the purveyor of a sweet country state of mind, reflecting the deep contentment we find in our rural preoccupations; the garden, the kitchen, the handcraft, the artwork. And, more particularly, the very diligence of it all (handed down from our beloved grandmothers!)

More importantly, The Arcadian Artisan is our line in the sand; a repudiation of mass production and an homage to the natural industry of a (relatively!)tranquil lifestyle. Our ‘wares’ reflect our varied interests and our dedication to the preservation of genuine quality in our lives. We’re not stuck in tradition – rather we find ourselves constantly reinvigorated by it. If we had a ‘theme song’ it would be Nigel Kennedy’s Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (particularly the 2013 BBC Proms performance) though, of course, we’re not so highfalutin!

Thanks to everybody who dropped by (we only managed a few early and late snaps – once the crowd turned up we were too busy to take pictures!) We’ll be back next month, popping up like a veritable Brigadoon! See you on May 6th.