Suspended animation extended…

Our little pop-up market emporium is still on furlough, dear hearts. Not that there’s not lots of action – it’s just focused elsewhere at the moment. Megsie’s on a mission in the studio, Ginger has work commitments and Jen’s ramped into remedial mode in the garden (following all that recent damaging weather.)  But never fear, we’re seriously contemplating making amends by popping up in Wyndham on the 23rd December. We’ll firm that up in a couple of weeks, so watch this space.

Meanwhile here are a few snaps (by way of distraction!!) of some ‘goings on’ at our place. The politics of the day are creeping into Megsie’s current work, how could it be otherwise(!), and the owl has flown the coop…well, momentarily at least…



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